23 – 25 October 2023

At this summit, we’re here to solve the youth challenge and solve the world’s problems. With a full day of leadership and self-development training, GLOBAL LEADERS AND PEACE SUMMIT 2023 has incredible speakers, designed to create the perfect blend of practical, actionable skills, and advice with mind-blowing, perspective–changing inspiration.



GLOBAL LEADERS AND PEACE SUMMIT 2023 is an international leadership development program that empowers leaders across the globe for achieving sustainable peace and development in their communities, nations, and the world as moral and innovative leaders. The program brings together leaders for a series of transformative and experiential learning activities through which participants acquire first-hand experience in leadership development, join lasting global leadership networks, and make meaningful impacts in tackling relevant critical issues

Learn about SDGs value for your life  fundamental and purposes


Create World Changemakers!

The leadership session is a program that correlates with our vision to develop and enhance skills to prepare as future leaders.

Collaboration and Culture Exchange

To solve the world toughest problems, the participants need to work together, create the innovation and do collaboration and give the impact for society.

SDGs Mindset

Individuals with SDG mindsets are often drawn to opportunities, innovation and new value creation.


Conference Program

This conference will be attended by International Speakers, Government, Young Innovators, Social activists, and experts. Having a grand theme Becoming The Next Leader in SDGs Spirit offers full of meaningful hours and inspiring conferences.

SDGs Youth training

As a leader who will give the command, a good quality of Global Goals knowledge and values is also important. This training session will give the basic yet the most crucial aspect of how to improve personal development skills related to SGDs issues to take action as Global Changemakers.

SDGs Innovation Forum

The delegates will be becoming SDGs youth agents to solve world problems. Meet more than 4 meeting forums in the different fields in SDGs areas. Delegates will be moderated by Chairs, ensuring that the flow of discussion will result in a comprehensive resolution that will be condensed from every solution and idea that the delegate bring.

Innovation & Creativity

The delegates will learn about the process of the industry of pewter. In industry 5.0, the participants will learn about sustainable product development from the company.

Culture Exchange And Excursion

In this session, participants will go to the Korean House, and learn Korean traditional culture, culinary, and philosophy.

Awarding Program

After joining a meaningful program, the students will be awarded as Youth SDGs Leaders Initiators 2023. The attendees will also include delegates from all nationalities and provide the perfect portal for delegates to seek guidance and expand their networks.


Day 1

09.00 : Arriving in South Korea
14.00 : Hotel Check in
15.00 : Seoul Exploration
19.00 : Dinner & Welcoming
20.00 : Free Time

Day 2

09.00 : Korean Dream Project Ideas
12.00 : Speak up Forum
13.00 : Lunch
14.00 : Awarding Program
15.00 : Start Up & Innovation Program
16.00 : Seoul Exploration
19.00 : Dinner

Day 3

09.00 – 11.00 : Exchange Class at University
11.00 – 13.00 : Korean Culture Program
13.00 – 14.00 : Lunch & Break
14.00 – 17.00 : Airport Assistance
17.00 – 18.00 : Flight to Home Country



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